Each opinion is important for us. An extense or a short review have the same importance, because the writer give his/her effort in understand our work. Below you have all the reviews to each of our music projects.



2024/04/13 - Review to "Ringu リング [2024]" by Igloo Magazine:

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2024/03/29 - Short Review to "Ringu リング [2024]" by Mutant Zones Blogspot:


2024/03/13 - Review to "Carrie White Burns in Hell (EP) [2023]" by Concreteweb website:

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2023/09/17 - Review to "†▲PANDEMONIO▲† album [2023]" by Mutant Zones blog:


2023/03/07 - Review to "Indenumbra Poltergeist (EP) [2017]" by 20kbps rec:

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2022/11/15 - Review to "Ritual Lights  (EP)"[spanish] by Musexplat website:

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2022/11/15 - Review to "PHENOMENA [Phantasma Disques Reissue" Album by Mutant Zones blog:


2022/10/31 - Review to "Atmosfera Livida [B-Sides]" EP by Mutant Zones blog:

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2022/06/30 - Review to "Into The Nightmarecore" EP by I Thought I Heard a Sound blog:

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2022/03/11 - Review to "Witch House in the Forest" EP by Concreteweb website:


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2021/12/29 - Review to "Ghost Computer Music" album by El Oído Autómata blog:


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2021/07/10 - Review to "Esoterika" album by Witch House dot com website:

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2021/05/20 - Review to "Vampiresa" ep by The Dungeon in the deep space blog:


2020/12/15 - Review to "Dolly Dearest" album by Musexplat webzine:


2019/10/29 - Review to "Acudrux" EP by Musexplat webzine:


2019/09/10 - Review to "Phi" EP by 1208 North Fuller Ave Apt 1:


2019/06/01 - Review to "Phi" EP by DarkUndergroundMusicZine:


2019/04/21 - Review to "Bailo con mis Pesadillas" album by Ony Music Reviews:

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2019/02/13 - review to "Cementerio Central Bogotá" by Yeah I Know it sucks blog:


2019/02/07 - review to "Yurei" EP by Sonidos Estrambóticos blog:


2018/12/10 - review to "Esoterika" album by Casey Douglass blog:


2018/11/12 - review to "Esoterika" album by Pastel Wasteland webzine:

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2018/10/11 - review to "Obscure Matrix" album by Witch House Music reviews (Google+ screenshot):


2018/09/ - review (on spanish) to "Campos Áridos" (ep) by Propuesta Cultural blog:


2018/02/05 - review to "Noise Sudaka" (ep) by Issues Magazine (page 10):


2018/02/23 - review (on Polish) to "Ghost Computer Music" album by Industria webzine:

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2018/02/05 - review (on spanish) to "Ghost Computer Music" album by Sonidos Estrambóticos blog:


2017/07/26 - review to "Dark Noise Anthems" compilation by Yeah I Know it sucks blog:


2016/12/11 - review to "Configuración Magenta" (ep) by Yeah I Know it sucks blog:


2016/11/07 - review to "Atmósfera Lívida" album by Yeah I Know it sucks blog:


2016/07/28 - review (spanish) to "Trasfondo Sonoro" mini-album by Wet Dreams blog:




2023/09/27 - Short review to Filmy Ghost first EP by Witch House dot com forum admin:


2018/11/08 - review to Lóbrega (EP) by Witch House Music reviews (Google+ screenshot):


2018/03/16 - review (on spanish) to Noise Poetry (ep) by Propuesta Cultural blog:


2018/03/16 - review to The Forgotten World of Machines (ep) by Kalteldur:


2017/04/05 - review to Abandoned Places (ep) by Resounding Footsteps (3rd review of the list):




2019/11/18 - review to Alone in the Network album by Onyx music reviews:


2019/02/01 - review to Ñ (ep) by Yeah I Know it sucks blog:


2018/10/11 - review to Obscure Silhouette (ep) by Witch House music reviews (Google+ screenshot):


2018/05/04 - review to Alien Neighbors (ep) by Yeah I Know it sucks blog: