Sábila Orbe:  *Sound Programmer, Male Vocals, Mixer


Digital artist & sound mixer. Born in Rancagua, Chile. .


Sábila is the creator of Humanfobia, Filmy Ghost music projects, in which he works as a sound mixer and computerized musician through music softwares. Some Humanfobia tracks also are sung by him.


Also he is the founder of Cian Orbe / Witch Spectra  / Internet Daemon Netlabels.




* Visit Sábila Orbe main digital artworks website:




Mist Spectra:  *Female Lead Vocalist Since "Coimetrofilia EP (2018)"

& Visual Support.


Computer/Apps Keyboards (2016-2017)


Singer, non commercial model.  Born in Cali, Colombia.


She studied  digital photography on Anubis Institute, Rgua.  


Begin her participation on Humanfobia on December of 2014 as visual support for all promotion, covers & digital art of the project. Months later, on november of that year take part as software keyboardist.


Since 2018 she becomes the Humanfobia lead vocalist, adding lyrics on spanish. And also the main image of the duo on social networks.






Bᴉ⏀ Humanfobia Chronology (important facts from 2009 to 2019)


▽ oct. 2009: Sábila Orbe create DimensionV music project  (the tracks was available only through mediafire links on dimensionv website)


▽ nov. 2011: Sabila change the name of DimensionV to Humanfobia first written as: H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲


▽  nov. 2011: the old DimensionV web was shutdown


▽ nov 2011: was uploaded to H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ soundcloud: the first Humanfobia EP: "▲Q⊔3L▲ЯЯ3" and the first humanfobia album: "C▲LCHØNɅ RI₸∐ɅL"


▽ January 2012: Sábila open a google+ page as official Humanfobia google+ website.


▽ february 2012:  H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ make his first apparition in v/a compilation called: △THE✡MAGICIAN✡PALACE△ released by Wizard of Darkness netlabel via mediafire link and posted on google+.


▽: april 2012: the EP: "L!GH₸ PΘR₸ɅL" was released in google+ by Wizard of Darkness [ЩIZΛЯD ӨF DΛЯKПΣƧƧ] netlabel via mediafire link.


▽2012 december: the H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ soundcloud account was deleted by Sábila Orbe due to some mental illness. 


▽2012 december: the ascii texts H∐ϻ▲NҒØɃᏆ▲ was replaced by simple characters: Humanfobia. The day 28 of that month was released the first album under Humanfobia title. Uploaded to a new Humanfobia jimdo website, via mediafire link.


▽ 2012 to 2014: Sábila Orbe release 6 mini-albums & EP's more without vocals. in the a new Humanfobia Jimdo web. The 6 mini-albums & EP's was available only through mediafire links and with a noise, ambient glitch musical direction. Totally apart was opened a new soundcloud account: https://soundcloud.com/humanfobia


▽ 2013: "AGORAFOBIA" mini-album was re-released by the japanese blog netlabel:

💀▼💀 in ameblo japanese blog via 4shared link. 


▽ 2014: Tatuana Prod. netlabel (Guatemala) released a single with short 3 tracks called: "Portal de Voces" contain exclusive alternative ghost drone versions of tracks from Agorafobia album.-  


▽ 2014: Sábila meets to Mist Spectra who appears in the artwork of Trasfondo Sonoro mini-album. On August of that year is released by Equilateral Records (Chile)


▽2015: humanfobia works 2012-2015 was available at that moment only from mediafire and dropbox links. Also some tracks was uploaded to the new soundcloud account.


▽2015: was released Nexo Fobia mini album.  Also released at yung cloud music platform via MVXIMVS SIC X FREE IMPROVISATION SYSTEMS netlabel.


▽ 2016: Sábila start to use all the old voice recordings of his past project DimensionV for be include it in next Humanfobia tracks. (no language)


▽2016: Was released Atmósfera Lívida and Campos de lo Translúcido albums with a music direction focused in horror noise, drone and dark ambient.


▽2016: Sábila & Mist begin to spread their work on social networks. Was opened Facebook, Ello & Youpic network pages.


▽2016: All humanfobia works are uploaded to the Internet Archive website.



▽2016: The duo added real EVP voices to the tracks, captured from different sessions on various chilean cemeteries 


▽ 2017: was released: "Indenumbra" (double album) with some tracks in a haunted house/drag music direction.


▽ 2017: was released:  "Tumbas destruídas por el tiempo" album via the french netlabel "Haunted Mansion" at fanburst music platform.


▽2017: full Humanfobia discography was uploaded to Hearthis and Fanburst music websites (fanburst was shutdown on 2019)



▽ October 2017: Sábila founded Witch Spectra netlabel: https://witchspectra.bandcamp.com/


▽ January 2018: Was released the EP: "Coimetrofilia" with Mist Spectra as lead vocalist of the project, singing the first Humanfobia track on spanish language: "Parálisis del Sueño".


▽January 2018: was released Ghost Computer Music album


▽2018: was re-released Adimensional Voices, in a witch vaporwave version.


▽June/October 2018: was released Apariciones & Esoterika albums, marking the return to the project to Witch House / Haunted House music genre. Humanfobia becomes the only one Witch House music project using spanish as main language for their songs.


▽2018: The duo uploaded most of their works until that year to the free music archive.


▽2018: Was released an exclusive EP at Hexx9 Records: "SΛCЯUM ΣΧØЯCISM" //  Also a compilation of past tracks and rarities on Witch Dragons (russian netlabel) called: "Plano Astral". //  Was re-released "Apariciones" on Tatuana Producciones netlabel (Guatemala)


▽2019: was released a trilogy of Ep's inspired on asian horror: Yūrei / ผี Phi / Pontianak


▽2019: was released: "Bailo con mis Pesadillas" and "You Never are alone" albums.