Humanfobia is a music project focused totally in create and experiment with music, sounds and noises.

The duo is not interested in create official video clips for express their sound. 


Each year we see some videos in the web created by listeners and by friends.  In the list below you can check our own selection of these videos.   The list is in the order of creation of the original Humanfobia tracks, not in the order of creation of the videoclips. 


Humanfobia -  Umbral de Tinieblas / from Umbral de Tinieblas (Album) (2010) Video Edition by Fabio Keiner

Humanfobia / Filmy Ghost - Licca Chan (excerpt) / from Dolly Dearest (EP) (2020) /// Japanese Horror Tales (2018)

Original Video Art Video by: Yael Gavish

Humanfobia - Muñeca Computarizada / from A Ghost in the Computer (EP) (2019) Original Video Art Video by: Itsgabbo

Humanfobia - Colapso Dimensional (excerpt)/ from Esoterika (album) (2018) Original Video Art by Artalacarte

Humanfobia - Castle of Moths / from Garden of Blue Orbs ep (2018) Original Video Art by El Caminante

Humanfobia - Electro No Requiem / from Funeralya System album (2017) Original Video Art by Dariusz Jackowski

Humanfobia - Epitaph 404 / from Indenumbra album (2017) Video Art by Fausto Iracheta

Humanfobia - Alien Radar / from Nexo Fobia album (2015) Video Art by Cheaptoyman.