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Humanfobia/Yaka-anima/Filmy Ghost don't give live presentations, or make special music for videos or produce physical releases and don't receive any kind of donations.  You can use any track of the project for "Non commercial purposes", giving the respective credits to Humanfobia, Yaka-anima or Filmy Ghost with a link to this website. 

Also a mention to Sábila Orbe (Sound Programmer) // and to Mist Spectra in Vocals (in the case of Humanfobia) 


For use some track of Cian Orbe or Witch Spectra Netlabel artists gives credit to the respective creator.

Also include a link to his/her full album or ep on Cian Orbe /Witch Spectra. Only without commercial purposes.

All links to the music releases on this web are free for download and was licensed under creative commons license 4.0. 

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Contact to Humanfobia for collaborations, make authorized remixes or include our tracks on compilations

and to Cian Orbe / Witch Spectra Netlabel for submissions at :



 share our releases in your social networks / add our tracks to mixes / include our tracks in your radio station/

make reviews of our releases in your blog /website / talk about any of our releases in forums /

invite your friends to discover the world of the dark music netlabels /

use our tracks for non commercial short movies or videos /